A new name in the world of taps, APM S.r.l. is a well-established firm with 40 years’ experience in the stainless steel industry.

In 1998, APM presented itself to the market with “PROGETTO ETERNA”: a bathroom’s series completed made in stainless steel. High technology with affordable prices.
With this philosophy in mind, the following years have been dedicated in researching and developing new products to bring some real improvement to the existing ones.

With the introduction of stainless steel, APM has set itself the goal to conform to the continuous regulations issue in various nations: regulations concerning the use of potable water like the American NSF-61 and the 98/83/CE directive, release to limit the use of brass, which contains lead (highly carcinogenic substance) 

The final target of APM is to offer a totally safe, non-toxic and durable product, with a design always new and improved, but above all, within the reach of all its customers.